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One Special Day. One Special Opportunity.


Baseball Fantasy Camp for Kids gives youngsters with physical challenges the opportunity to improve their baseball skills by participating in a one day clinic hosted by their major league heroes.


Check out this video by ESPN featuring one of our events

About Us

Jeremy Flug founded Baseball Fantasy Camp for Kids in 2008. After attending a Colorado Rockies Fantasy Camp for adults several years before, he decided to provide the same opportunity for young baseball fans with special needs. With the cooperation of Major League Baseball, and several participating teams, more than 3,000 kids and their families have been impacted in a very positive way.

Today, Baseball Fantasy Camp for Kids is proud to offer a wide array of baseball activities to special needs youth ranging from six-to-17 years old. Campers will gain the confidence to get out there and take a crack at the ball through practicing hitting, fielding, catching fly balls, and more during personal instruction with the pros.


The Day

Over the course of the day, campers will get the opportunity to learn the essential baseball skills from their favorite MLB players and coaches. They’ll also improve their hitting, fielding, throwing and catching skills through a series of training stations.

We select local playing fields for our camps that are wheelchair accessible and safe for all our special needs campers. When campers arrive for their special day they will instantly be made a part of the team. We provide each participant with their own personalized team jersey.

Once the training is finished, it’s time for the campers to feel like they’ve won the World Series with a catered lunch, pictures and autographs.

Let’s play ball!


Check out this video by ESPN featuring one of our events

The Teams

We are proud to be partnering with the following major league baseball teams and foundations in an effort to provide Baseball Fantasy Camp for Kids to kids with special needs. Today, ten MLB teams are taking advantage of this special day and very special opportunity. We look forward to seeing all MLB teams on our roster.

Baltimore Orioles and the Oriole Advocates Charitable Foundation
Chicago Cubs and the Chicago Cubs Charities
Cincinnati Reds and the Red Community Fund
Colorado Rockies and the Colorado Rockies Foundation
Detroit Tigers and the Detroit Tigers Foundation
Miami Marlins and the Marlins Foundation
Pittsburgh Pirates and the Pirates Charities
San Diego Padres and the Padres Foundation
San Francisco Giants and the D7 Challenger League of Sacramento & San Francisco Little League
Texas Rangers and the Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation
Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Braves Foundation
Kansas City Royals and the Royal Charities

Sign Up

It’s easy as one, two, three for your MLB team to get involved.

Through Baseball Fantasy Camp for Kids, major league baseball teams and their players can share their passion for the game with their local community.

  • Pick the Day – And the special needs-accessible field
  • Choose the Kids – Most teams select kids from their existing community partners. Teams that we currently work with have local organizations that they partner with, like Miracle League.
  • Show Up – Bring your players, coaches and game faces to the camp


When you join the Baseball Fantasy Camp for Kids team, we will make a donation to your team’s foundation for the continued and future development of Baseball Fantasy Camp for Kids.

We want to partner with you and your team to make sure that all kids with special needs have the opportunity to develop themselves and spend the day with their MLB heroes.

Contact us today!


Keep the Camps Going.

Baseball Fantasy Camp for Kids Foundation is a not-for-profit, charitable organization formed under Section 501(c)3 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code. Donations to Baseball Fantasy Camp for Kids Foundation are generally tax-deductible as charitable contributions for U.S. federal income tax purposes. Please see the Contact Us page for our address where you can send donations.

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We are pleased to announce that Baseball Fantasy Camps have been scheduled for the following dates and teams in 2018:

No upcoming camps are scheduled. Please continue to check back.


September 6, 2013

Click here to read the MLB Blogs Network Post from the Atlanta Braves about the Baseball Fantasy Camp for Kids held in Atlanta on August 17, 2013.

Posted August 30, 2013

Click here to see a Pirates Video of the Baseball Fantasy Camp for Kids which was held on June 29, 2013.

December 18, 2012

“This year marked our 10th annual clinic with the San Francisco Challenger Team . . . I know this day means a lot to these kids and their families. We have received numerous letters throughout the years expressing their gratitude and appreciation. The kids talk about hte clinic all year long and they can’t wait to come back and do it again.”
Staci Slaughter, San Francisco Giants, SVP, Communication

November 6, 2012

“From the smiles on the faces of the kids to the high fives with the players, we all leave with a lifetime of memories.”
Karin Morris, EVP, Texas Rangers Baseball Foundation

July 18, 2012 (Cincinnati, OH) FOX 19

Click here to see Fox 19’s coverage of our Cincinnati Reds Baseball Fantasy Camp.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Detroit Tigers to create lifetime memories for five Great Lakes Bay Miracle League players

BRIDGEPORT, MI — Jacob Crawford doesn’t have a favorite Detroit Tiger.


Crawford is one of five players from the Great Lakes Bay Miracle League invited to participate Saturday in a special Detroit Tigers Fantasy Camp for Kids in Southfield.

“I’m a pitcher and batter,” said the 7-year-old St. Charles resident. “I don’t know who my favorite Tiger is yet, but he’s a pitcher.”

Crawford, who has spina bifida, plays in the Great Lakes Bay Miracle League. The league, for special needs players ages 5 to 18, is played on a special field in Bridgeport.

The other players from the league going to the Tigers camp include Jonathan Rosas from Saginaw, Michael Bell from Saginaw, Jacob Gradowski from Clio and Ben Schmit from Grand Blanc.

“It’s a great opportunity for some of our kids to get out on the field with some of the Detroit Tigers and go through drills with Major League players,” Great Lakes Bay Miracle League director Eric Rutherford said. “It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.”

The special-needs campers will get to participate in drills and games with Detroit Tigers players.

“He’s never been to a Tigers game, but he’s excited,” said Christie Crawford, Jacob’s mother. “Jacob always brings a lot of excitement to the game. As soon as the game ends, he wants to know when the next one is. It’s been a great program.”

Last season, the players included Miguel Cabrera, Brennan Boesch, Don Kelly, Jose Valverde and David Purcey.

The camp will not cost the players, parents or league. Costs are covered by the Detroit Tigers Foundation, which receives money from the Baseball Fantasy Camp for Kids Foundation.

“We do a lot of the funding in a partnership with the Tigers Foundation,” founder Jeremy Flug said. “The funding is there to not only do this camp, but to sustain a program where special-needs players are able to participate and get as close as possible to Major League players.

“The joy is putting these kids on a level field that without this they would be unable to get to.”

The Camp for Kids Foundation works with eight different Major League teams. The Tigers have participated the past two seasons.

“There is something very powerful that happens when a Major League player meets a young player,” Flug said. “When you have a kid who faces extreme challenges like these kids do, it multiplies that by a hundred.

“It’s great for the kids, but you see just as many smiles from the parents and the players. This is as big a deal for them as it is for the kids.”

By Hugh Bernreuter

The Power of Baseball

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Author: admin Posted On: October 22nd, 2011 In: Blog, News

Since my office is within walking distance of Coors Field, I have been known to take an hour or two during work hours, and catch a few innings of a Rockies game. I undo my laces, put on my sunglasses, and immerse myself in the great game of baseball, played during the day, as it should be.

On one of those days, I could not help noticing a young boy with his parents sitting five rows in front of me. Like most kids, (and many adults), he had his glove ready, and was anxiously hoping for a ball to come his way. What caught my attention was that this young boy appeared to have recently been through a series of treatments of some kind, and may have been dealing with a serious illness. He was very thin, pale, without any noticeable hair, and needed his parents assistance as he drank his soda, and ate his hot dog. His mom and dad could not take their eyes off him, and seemed as thrilled as he was to be at the ballpark on this beautiful day in June.

Balls were flying everywhere, except to him. Even when the fielders came to the dugout between innings and flipped the ball into the stands, nothing came our way. It was driving me nuts. At the next changeover, I walked down to where they were sitting, and politely asked the boy if I could help him get a ball. His parents nodded their approval, and we were off on our quest for the holy sphere.

Getting a ball at a baseball game is not difficult, but it can be tricky. You have to be at the right place at the right time. Hundreds of balls come into the stands, most of them during batting practice and between innings. I decided that my strategy would be to ask the first base coach, Dave Parker, if he would not mind giving a ball to my young friend. Being polite always helps. The two of us timed it perfectly. We walked down the steps, and were standing right behind the visitor’s dugout as the team came off the field. We had to act quickly, because it would not be long before we would be asked to go back to our seats.

“Hey Cobra, how ‘bout a baseball for my young friend here”, I shouted. He looked directly into both of our eyes, and then disappeared into the dugout. I was devastated. I could only imagine the disappointment my young friend was feeling. We stood there for what seemed like an eternity. I was not sure what to do, but knew that very soon, we would have to return to our seats.

I’m not sure what went through Dave Parker’s mind when he got to the dugout. It may have been his surprise that someone actually remembered his nickname from his days with the Pittsburgh Pirates. Or maybe it was the fact that when he saw this young boy behind the dugout, with his eyes wide open, and his glove in his hand, he instinctively reacted in a way that most, if not all major league baseball players do. He emerged from the dugout, and looked at the boy with a huge smile. He had with him two baseballs, and rolled them gently over the dugout to the boy. We both said thanks, and watched as Parker’s 6’7” frame went back in the dugout. As we turned and walked back to our row, the whole section of fans started clapping. They all knew what had just taken place, and were thrilled with the outcome.

When the boy sat back down, I saw in his eyes the immense power of baseball. The game has an amazing impact on children who dream. That’s the baseball I love, and that’s the baseball that will forever be.

Jeremy Flug

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